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Kick-Off Meeting, 01-10-2012 – 05-10-2012

The project week at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane started with a kick-off meeting on Monday, the 1st of October 2012. Isabella Wagner (, Helmut Reichenvater  and Paul Pöltner (TUW) arrived from Vienna and were welcomed to Maputo by Emilio Luis Mosse and Andrey Shindyapin (UEM). After a short introduction the participants discussed the time plan and the vision for the upcoming days, followed by a presentation of the project management tasks.



The second part of the kick-off meeting started with a presentation of the current status of the UEM and ICT4D in Mozambique. Afterwards Paul presented the logical framework (general objective, specific objectives and expected results) of the project followed by an open discussion. Joint plan requirements and impact were discussed in two groups.



The presentation of the IT lab covered the topics “current situation”, “existing requirements “and “steps to get additional requirements”. After an open discussion, the participants went to the IT lab and took a closer look:


During the week the research topics and tasks for the first year were discussed and worked out.




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