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Six months have passed since the ICT4DMZ project kickoff back in July 2012. Time to report what happened in the past half-year!



The first project coordination meeting took place on 31th July 2012. It was the first virtual meeting of the project. During the following weeks the first tasks for the meeting in Maputo  and the requirements and impact analysis were arranged. On the 30th August 2012 the second virtual meeting took place to finish the preparations for the first half year. An additional virtual project meeting took place on November 23, 2012.

On October 1, 2012 the project start week at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane began with a kick-off meeting on Monday. Isabella Wagner (ICT4D.at), Helmut Reichenvater and Paul Pöltner (TUW) arrived from Vienna and were welcomed to Maputo by Emilio Luis Mosse and Andrey Shindyapin (UEM).

The next meeting will take place from 4th February until 8th February 2013 in Maputo. There’ll be joint workshops with the topic “Teaching methods” as prepared in the work package 2.2.



The project webpage you are reading right now went live in November 2012. The webpage features an overview of the project, a presentation of the project partners, a download area for dissemination and a blog for providing project news. Built on the WordPress-platform, it offers a modern, rich and social user experience.

Furthermore, the first results of the project were presented at the 2012 EU-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT in Lisbon (WP 4.7).



  • The first project result (deliverable B.1, team lead by Isabella Wagner) was completed (as a ready for review version) in a joint effort by all project partners. This report on requirements and development of the workshops is the basis for all upcoming project activities and results.
  • The 2012 EU-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT in Lisbon was a great opportunity for ICT4D.MZ project representatives to talk with more than 250 stakeholders and colleagues in the field. Appropriately positioned on the panel for ICT4D, the ICT4DMZ project was presented by Paul Pöltner to open it up for the opportunity to receive feedback from the community of experts, researchers, business people and policy makers in the context of ICT and EU-African partnerships.
  • Deliverable B.1 “Development of workshops and report on requirements and impact analysis” is finished and being reviewed for publication on the project webpage
  • Work Package 1.2 (Setup IT/GIS Education lab infrastructure ) has been started early. Preparations have been made for an IT-Lab Call for Bids based on the requirements analysis from WP 1.1.
  • Work Package 1.3 (Enhancement of Program) has been started early. Deliverable B.2 “Requirements for a PhD progam” is finished and under review.
  • Work Package 1.4 (Raise awareness on gender in ICT) has been started early. Deliverable B.7 is in progress.

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